Here is a selection of what my clients have said:

Ranja is a very conscientious worker. Her work at the hospital places many simultaneous demands on her time and she is able to handle these demands quietly and without expressing frustration. She communicates well with clinical staff so that clinicians’, patients’ and her time are well managed. She is very considerate and shows a good understanding of the patients’ conditions. She is able to concentrate on and interpret very difficult and emotionally complex issues. For all these reasons working alongside her is a pleasure. Ranja is also a very approachable , kind and friendly work colleague. I have learnt some Arabic in the past and she has kindly and patiently helped me to improve my skills in Arabic. I can recommend Ranja as both a skilled Arabic Interpreter and as a pleasant and reliable work colleague. Dr Debra Houghton, Royal Women’s Hospital (RWH)

In my academic work, I have had the pleasure of working with Ranja Zayed on numerous collaborative endeavours. She was very professional, communicated regularly with me on the status and clarifications of my work, and the completion was very timely. My translation needs were very specific due to the highly technical nature of my academic research, which very few translators could handle. I was impressed with Ranja’s command of colloquial, mainstream, and well as technical terminology and her ability to produce accurate translation. In addition to all of that, she is one of the most affordable in the market. Overall, I was extremely pleased with Ranja’s translation services.

Ranja, through the provision of interpreting services, facilitates a high standard of clinical care. I have always found Ranja to be very professional, punctual, courteous and to have an excellent work ethic. Dr. Fiona Cullinane, Consultant Obstetrician, RWH

Ranja has acted as Arabic interpreter on behalf of many patients. She has at all times displayed diligent professionalism, taking care to ensure patients’ needs are met and informed understanding is achieved. She is empathic towards and supportive and patients feel comfortable and satisfied with her work. Despite high demand for her services, Ranja displays excellent time management and communication skills and works well in a multidisciplinary team environment. Dr. Raelia Lew, CREI Fellow, RWH

Ranja’s outstanding skills in both verbal and written English make her smoothly move in a variety of registers from idiomatic to formal. I was extremely impressed with Ranja’s work ethic and dedication to the pursuit of excellence. She is a person of broad life experience, with a proven love of learning; what I also remember about her ,is her bright, confident cheerful personality and sense of humour. Liam McCaul, Lecturer, RMIT University

Professional. Reliable and very timely job. The translation style is smooth, fluent and consistent with the language of the source text. Ranja is a respectable and courteous personality. She has the patience and professionalism in her core and depth of knowledge in languages. I can confidently recommend her to any one who needs help in translation of any documents. Laila Olhaye, Chief Chemist, Thermo Fisher Scientific